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46,5 x 35,5 cm. Not dated, not signed, early XVII century. Painted on a thin wooden panel, consisting of two parts, with a small indentation at the top. The original engraving was made in 1526 in Rotterdam by the Germain painter Albrecht Dürer, 1471-1528, and is now in The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. A [...]

Ship model
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18XX - s.l., s.n.
Nr. 12061

Model of a magnificent frigate, entirely made of ivory. Animated deck with several characters, tiny seamen, cannons, and a trolling boat, all made of ivory. The parchment-thin mainsails cut in ivory, apparently billowing in the wind. The frigate comes under a glass bell jar on a wooden stand, 19th century. Dimensions of the glass bell [...]

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1683 - s.l., s.n.
Nr. 12006

Text: ‘Laet nu Godt gepresen zijn in sijn heijlighdom, sier fijn, gelooft sij hij en gehacht uijt den hemel vol van kracht, in heerllijckheijt hoogh verheven, looft hem in sijn wercken reijn, die hij gevrocht heeft alleijn, die van sijn macht tuijgnis geven. Aernout van Este 1683’. Rare manuscript tekst with pen drawing of a [...]

Hoogwandt, Anneken
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1653 - s.l., s.n.
Nr. 11971

(18) 508 p. Opnieuw gebonden oud Perkament, 8° (pagina 339-376 heeft in de bovenmarge wormgaatjes, verder een goed exemplaar.) Zeldzame verklaring van alle hoofdstukken van het Bijbelboek Openbaringen van Johannes, gevolgd door een: “By-voeginge tot naerder verklaringhe” en: een “Stichtelijck besluyt”. Anneke Hoogwandt, gestorven in Meurs, Duitsland, ná 1680, profetes, schrijfster van theologische geschriften, dichteres. [...]

Binding / Notebook
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18XX - s.l., s.n.
Nr. 11876

146 p. Contemporary leather, all edges gilt, 8°. Full black morocco embossed binding by Da La Rue in an arabesque style in splendid condition. The album contains copied handwritten religious and moral passages in a clear cursive hand from several authors as Sibbes, Owen, Payson, Bunyan, Hales, Fuller, Coles, Cowper, etc.

71×51 cm, vellum glued on a pine tablet. Modern frame, 86×65 cm. and support. Not dated not signed, but late XVII century and Dutch. Showing a man sitting or standing at a table, holding a book: ..Humani Corporis Fabrica…At the wall behind him: a drawing Ta(bula) V: at the table an inkpot and quill and [...]

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(21st century) - s.l., s.n.
Nr. 11480

Miniature terrestrial globe with a diameter of 10 cm in a steel stand. The total height measuring 16 cm. Globe and stand both consists of massive steel. Names of many countries and places are engraved

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Drielenburch, Vincent van
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(ca. 1616) - s.l., s.n.
Nr. 11320

(12) p. Opnieuw gebonden Papieren Band, 4° (Geïllustreerd met een groot gegraveerd drukkers-impressum op de titelpagina en 6 heraldische gravures in de tekst.)