Terrestrial Pocket Globe. A New Globe of the Earth by Dudley Adams 1808



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Terrestrial pocket globe with 12 hand-coloured engraved gores, signed in the northern part of the Pacific Ocean, on the inside of the case is 12 engraved green-coloured celestial gores depicting the northern and southern hemispheres. Original fish skin-covered wood case with two brass hook-and-eye clasps. The globe is varnished, with brass polar hour circles, and a meridian circle. Globe with the Meridian of London and graduated equatorial and ecliptic, the oceans showing various explorer’s tracks with associated notes and dates. Case with graduated equatorial, ecliptic, and colours, as well as the constellations depicted as mythical beasts and scientific instruments. Diameter 8 cm (ca 3 inches). Australia named New Holland. Dudley Adams (1762 -1830 ) was an English instrument manufacturer in London. His father was George Adams Senior, also a globemaker (1704-72), and he was apprenticed to his brother, George Adams, Jr. (1750-95) to train as a mathematical instrument maker. He later appointed globemaker to King George III but went bankrupt in 1813. Globe lacks the metal axis, and some slight wear, some minor spotting, celestial globe with some wear, the case is slightly worn and lacks one clasp.