Terrestrial globe: Cosmotheore, Caelesti nostro Globo, Par, et plane Novus, Hic Terrestris ut existeret, Certo scias, Errore Veterum Sublato, Non tantum Utriusque Orbis, Longitudines ac Latitudines, Par reiterates Neotericorum Observationes, Hicce esse restitutas, Sed et nullum typis Emendatiorem prodiisse, Hoc igitur Novissimô tam diu fruere, Donec sub Majori forma, Meô aere Alios excudam Gerardus Valk Calcographus, Amsterdami, A(nn)o 17(50) Cum privilegio. / Celestial globe: Uranographia, Caelum omne hie Complectens, Illa pro ut aucta, et ad annum 1700 Competum, Magno ab Hevelio, correcta est, ita, ejus ex Prototypis, sua noviter haec Ectypa, veris Astronomiae cultoribus, exhibit et consecrate, Ger. et Leon. Valk, Amstelaedamenses.



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A pair of rare Valk table globes was published by Gerard and Leonard Valk in Amsterdam in 1750 and 1700. The Dutch globe makers Gerard Valk (1652-1726) and his son Leonard Valk (1675-1746) were the only significant publishers of globes in the Netherlands in the eighteenth century. The design of their globes was completely new and incorporated the latest geographical and astronomical discoveries and are hence the most accurate globes for that time. The pair includes a terrestrial and celestial globe with a diameter of 39 cm. (15 in.) each with 12 engraved gores and two polar calottes over a paper-maché hollow core, made up of two hemispheres joined at the equator and covered with a layer of plaster. The celestial globe with a facsimile paper horizon ring, and mounted in a new oak Dutch-style stand. Including the oak stand each globe has a height of 59 cm. (23 in.). The terrestrial globe is in its third state, the celestial is in its second state. A beautiful and eye-catching set of these rare globes.