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Miniature terrestrial globe made up of 12 hand-coloured engraved gores laid over a plaster sphere, with axis pins and brass meridian circle. Diameter 5 cm (2 inches), height 11 cm, in a mahogany stand. Contemporary hand-coloured, the countries in different colours and the seas in a green shade, it has been cleaned and varnished. Some dark spots at both axel pins. Malby & Co. (fl.1843-1860) was a family firm of 19th-century globe-makers in London, founded in the 1840s by Thomas Malby who took over the business of John Addison & Co. The Malby company’s title was “Globe Manufacturers and Publishers to the Society For The Diffusion Of Useful Knowledge”, which was mentioned on each of their cartouches. The firm produced globes of 2, 12, and 18 inches in diameter and in 1849, they constructed the largest pair of globes ever made in England, the terrestrial of which was a reissue of Addison’s “Terraqueous Globe” of 36 inches diameter, which was on display at the Great Exhibition. Malby’s globes would later be reissued by the prolific London firm of Philip & Son (founded 1834). The exact identity of the engraver Charles Malby has not been established.