Scientia terrarum et coelorum by Samuel Dunn. Dunn’s 1772 world map on two hemispheres, showing the discoveries in South Pacific, Australia, New Zealand and Antarctica to 1770.



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Large World map by Samuel Dunn, 140 x 120 cm. “London, Printed for Rob.t Sayer, Map & Printseller, No. 53 in Fleet Street, as the Act directs, 20th November 1772.” “S. Dunn Teacher of the Mathematics LONDON. Boards Young Gentlemen, & Teacheth Pennmannship, Merch.ts, Acc.ts, Navigation, Fortification, Astronomy &c. CHELSEA”.

Pasted text on top left part: “1, 2. Map of the World, in two Hemispheres, wherein that of Monsieur D’Anville is comprised, with every Discovery, Addition, and Improvement, down to the present Time; to which are joined astronomical and hydrographical Delineations, by Samuel Dunn, Mathematician. Later with an English title, this largest world map ever published in an atlas was produced (with updates mainly in the southern hemisphere) for many decades.

This first ed. 1772 was the first published, and the second printed map ever to show James Cook’s east coast of New South Wales, and the discoveries in New Zealand. The space available around the hemispheres was densely utilized for celestial hemispheres, the solar system, a map of the moon, tables, and educational text. Description: The solar system – The dimensions of the solar system – The Northern Hemisphere, astronomical definitions – The Southern Hemisphere – A table of the place of the sun in the ecliptic & declination – An astronomical latitude & longitude analemma –Geographical definitions – The cause of the tides explained – Geographical definitions – The art of dialing by a common globe – An universal scale – A chart of the world according to Mercator’s projection with the rhumb lines – Selenography or a map of the moon according to Father Riccioli – The vicissitude of seasons explained – The analemma.