Planiglobii Terrestris cum Utroq Hemisphaerio Caelesti Generalis Exhibitio




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ca. 1718


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Attractive Worldmap, published in the first atlas by Johann Baptist Homann (1664-1724).

It shows an early double hemisphere, which swirls with activity. The world is shown in two hemispheres with a double hemisphere representation of the celestial world as construed in Classical astronomy above and below. Outside of these circles are many unusual things. At the top is a representation of the heavens with the stars, Sun and Moon, angels, and the disembodied heads that provide the winds on Earth. At the bottom are representations of unusual phenomena: a volcano erupting, an earthquake, waterspouts, a whirlpool, and a rainbow. The world map itself includes the trade winds and the routes of several important explorations: Magellan’s, Tasman’s, and William Dampier’s, among others. Recent discoveries in Australia and New Zealand are indicated. In North America, California reverted to the peninsula, and the amorphous “Terra Esonis” extended to the west from where Vancouver would eventually be toward Japan. Partly contemporary coloured.

Very decorative and quite rare.