Photograph album of a late 19th century journey to California with some other trips to o.a. San Francisco, Mexico and Los Angeles.


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(late 19th century)

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Contains 49 photographs of various sizes mounted to the leaves. Green cloth period photo album titled in gilt with ‘Photos’, spine made out of a brass clamp, engraved with ‘Pat. July 5-98.’ The album consists of 18 thick blue/grey paper covered board pages and 7 inserted grey pages. Most of the photographs are captioned by hand by the compiler. All board pages and some of the paper pages are loose, all are placed upside-down in the binding and are recently numbered with red pencil. An interesting piece of Americana which provides a personal and authentic view of the must-see sights of California in the late 19th century.

The album contains the following photographs:
Bill Williams Mountain, Arizona.
View from the rim of the Grand Canyon, Arizona.
Romona’s home at Old Town, near San Diego, California.
Sweet Waterdam near San Diego, California.
Tia Juana, Mexico.
Boundary Monument between United Stated and Mexico.
Scene at Tia Juana with ruins of the custom-house, Mexico.
Hotel del Coronado, near San Diego, California.
(Lacks: Japanese Tea Garden at Coronado).
Ship near the shore.
Arriving ship ‘Kolonis’ N.S.K. Point Loma, San Diego, California.
Santa Barbara Mission, California.
Small caves at La Jolla, California.
View of the sea and shore at La Jolla, California.
Second view of the sea and shore at La Jolla.
Birds-eye view of Riverside from Mount (Paekaffa?), California.
View of trees and a small stream.
Cable incline at Mount Lowe, California.
Second view of trees and a small stream.
Rubio Canyon, California.
Lucky Baldwin’s cabin at Baldwin’s Ranch, California.
Scene at Baldwin’s Ranch, California (badly torn).
(Lacks: Cliff house at San Francisco).
Cactus garden at Riverside, California.
Terraced orange orchid near Riverside, California.
View of 7 horseriders on a farm.
Church? at Riverside, California.
Fire department in the Fiesta Parade, Los Angeles.
Americans marching club, Los Angeles.
Chinese part of the parade, Los Angeles.
San Gabriel Mission, California.
Calla Lily Arch Pasadena, California.
(Lacks: Oil Mill at Los Angeles).
3x Santa Barbara Mission, California.
Field with cattle.
Harbor at Catalina Island, California.
Scenes at the Fiesta, Los Angeles (folded).
Chinatown, San Francisco.
Big Tree at Santa Cruz, California.
Mission Delores, San Francisco.
Second view of Chinatown, San Francisco.
Indian tepee at Lake Tahoe, California/Nevada.
A foot bridge at the Big Tree from near Santa Cruz, California.
Washoe indians, California/Nevada.
Scene at lakeside Lake Tahoe, California/Nevada.
Eagle Gate at Salt Lake City, Utah.
Ladies on a golf course.
Family? portrait.