Pathologie & allgemeine Therapie, nebst Receptierkunst.


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(mid-19th century)


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(2) 207 (6 blanks) 208-274 (2) p. Half Leather, 4° (The binding is not contemporary but matches the work quite well. Mid-19th century medical manuscript by the German Professor Johann Ludwig Choulant, 1791-1861. Choulant was a renowned professor at the Medizinisch-Chirurgischen Akademie of Dresden, he wrote several works among which medical textbooks and guides for medical practice. This manuscript contains his views on different diseases, results from his research and other studies. The work is entirely written in German, except for some Latin medical terminology, and is divided by the author in 3 parts. The first part consists of 4 chapters, divided in 433 paragraphs. The first chapter is about Pathology, the study of disease. The second chapter is about Aethiology, the study of causation. The third chapter is about Symptomatology, the study of symptoms. The fourth chapter is about Nosology, the classification of disease. The second part describes therapies and is divided in 76 paragraphs, preceded by an introduction and closed with an epilogue. The third and final part contains recipies and is divided in 60 paragraphs. The work is closed with a personal word from the author on the final written page and is signed with ‘Prof: Dr. Choulant.’)