Opera: ex postrema, doct: virorum, recensione. (Symmachi … Relation ad Valentinianum, Theodosium et Arcadium Auggg. pro veteri deorum cultu, adversus Christianos.).



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261 p. 16° H. 11 x W. 6 x D. 1,5 cm. Contemporary brown Leather, richly decorated with gilt on spine and covers. Fine binding, lavishly gilt overall pattern on both covers, mainly consisting of pointillé-stamps and drawer-handle tools, richly gilt spine with 5 compartments. Aurelius Prudentius Clemens was a Roman Christian poet. Towards the end of his life (perhaps around 392) Prudentius withdrew from public life to become an ascetic, fasting until evening and abstaining entirely from consuming animal products; to write poems, hymns and controversial works in defence of Christianity. Prudentius then collected the Christian poems written during this period and added a foreword, which he himself dated to 405.