Mondialisme investiturae, professionis, ac iubilae, nec non abatissarum electionis ordo ex industria visitatoris Antonii Antoni decore candet. Conscripsit P. Ruthardus Schleicher.



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Latin-German manuscript on paper by several hands in black and red ink. 2 nn. fol., 158 paginated pages 14-25 lines. Type area: ca. 17 x 13,5 cm. Format: 21,5 x 17,5 cm. With a colored title page depicting a coat of arms, some square notations, and over 70 small colored text illustrations. Beautiful dark red morocco binding of the time (rubbed, upper capital defective) with floral gilt, ornamental gold embossing on both covers, front cover with owner’s initials “R.D.A.A.A.L.” and the year of binding “1728”, standing edge border and gilt edges in leather slipcase of the time (more rubbed, partly old restored). Calligraphic compendium of the official religious vows and regulations as they were in use at the Cistercian monastery in Arnsburg, Hesse, and the affiliated daughter monasteries during the tenure of Abbot Antonius Antoni (1676-1746) between the years 1714 to 1745 on various occasions, copied by the monk Ruthardus Schleicher, who names himself on the title, and who worked as provost in the Cistercian abbey Marienschloß from 1737 to 1748, a decade after the manuscript was written. The manuscript is divided into the following six sections: I. “Ordo ad recipiendum Novitias secundum morem sacri Ordinis nostri cisterciensis. 1728” (S. 1-32). – II. “Ordo professionis monialium in capitulo” (pp. 33-44). – III. “Ordo professionis monialium in ecclesia” (pp. 45-74). – IV. “Ordo celebrandi iubilaeum Iuxta ritum sacri ordinis Cisterciensis” (pp. 75-98). – V. “Forma eligendi Abatissam juxta ritum sacri ordinis Cisterciensis” (pp. 99-138). – VI. “Ordo Professionis monialium in Ecclesiam quando concurrit cum investituram Novitiarum” (pp. 139-158). The four-part coat of arms on the title, flanked by three angels and adorned by a miter and two croziers, shows the Arnsburg eagle in the lower left field; diagonally across the escutcheon runs the nested Cistercian bar (here in the colors black and yellow); in the center of the escutcheon is the depiction of a swan, the heraldic animal of Abbot Anthony. The illustrations repeatedly show miter, crozier, aspergillum, aspersorium, angel, cross, etc. – Some finger spotting, front inner joint chipped.