Medullae Theologiae Patrum Syntagma. In quo Theologia Priscorum Primitive Ecclesiae Doctorum, qui ante et Post Concilium Nicaenum floruerunt, methodo analytica & synthetica expressa, atq à Roberti Bellarmini, Caesaris Baronii, Gregorii de Valentia, aliorumq Pontificiorum corruptelis ita vindicatur: ut liquido appareat, penes solas Reformatas Ecclesias esse doctrinae & Veritatis Evangelicae Antiquitatem.


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(20) 1336 (16) p. Origineel Leer met ribben, 4° (Rug iets slijtage. Abr. Scultetus 1566-1624, was predikant en professor in Heidelberg en afgevaardigde naar de Dordtse Synode 1618-1619. In dit werk analyseert hij de theologie en de werken van de meest bekende Kerkvaders. Abraham Scultetus was a Calvinist. He held to the doctrines of predestination and agreed with the Synod of Dort and their doctrinal deliverances. Scultetus was a Superlapsarian, and taught that from his position as professor at Heidelberg. Scultetus denied the imputation of the active obedience of Christ following the teaching of Piscator. Scultetus was chosen as a representative of the Palatinate for the Synod of Dort. Scultetus was a prominent member of that body. He preached a sermon on 122 Psalm on 15 December, an early honor given to him by the Synod. He also gave an address on the “Certainty of Grace” that apparently showed him to be a gifted speaker. Some of held that Scultetus was the most prominent foreigner at the Synod along with George Carleton, Bishop of Llandaff from England. He agreed with the condemnation of the Remonstrants and the doctrinal decrees of the Synod.)