Le nouveau testament. WITH: Les pseaumes de David, mise en rime François par Cl. Marot et Th. de Beze.


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Exceptional fine binding, 12° H. 15 x W. 8,5 x D. 3,5 cm. without pagination. (Clasps are missing, corners trifle worn.) The lavishly gilt overall pattern on both covers, mainly consisting of pointillé-stamps and drawer-handle tools, richly gilt spine with 6 compartments with floral motif and raised bands. This kind of binding is often attributed to Magnus as we can read in the catalog of the exhibition: “Albert Magnus en zijn tijd” (1961) pp.13: “That he [father Magnus Hendricksz.] sent his gifted youngest son Albert to France to learn the trade. It is striking in this connection that there are several Bibles printed in Charenton, which are provided with Magnus bindings”. Foot, Henry Davis Gift I, 237: “It is unusual for any binder’s shop to possess so many and so closely similar variants of a fair number of tools, and as most of the bindings on which the slightly different tools have been used seem to have been produced during the period during which Magnus worked, it is probable that we deal with more than one shop. Surely, a town such as Amsterdam, with a large and thriving book trade, would have had more than one binder who was capable of producing well-bound, beautifully finished books.” A fine binding by Magnus or his circle.