Kern der kerkelyke historie, enz. Eerste [- Tweede] deeltje. Met figuurtjes.



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2 volumes, 244, 245-258 p. Contemporary Leather, 64° H. 4,8 x W. 3,3 x D. 3 cm. Very rare complete set of one of the smallest Bible of its time, “dealing with the essentials of Church History, beginning with the Bible. The book is dedicated to youth in a long and serious preface” (Spielmann). Complete with 36 engraved plates, a frontispiece signed C.F. Walter and a folding plate, “of an exceptionally high standard and beautifully designed and engraved”. Ms. Dutch ex dono “Geschenk aan E.A.C.G. Brouwer van hare liefhebbende moeder (…)”, 1845. Extremely charming copy. Ref. Welsh 4140 (= Mikrobiblion 30, only 1st vol. according to Spielmann). – Bondy p. 25. – Spielmann 277. – STCN (6 copies, only 3 complete with 2 parts). – COPAC (1 copy, Oxford Univ.). – Not in Bn-Opale plus – Not in Storm van Leeuwen, J. (2006). Dutch Decorated Bookbinding in the Eighteenth Century.