Hexapla, that is A Six-Fold Commentarie upon the most Divine Epistle of the holy Apostle S. Paul to the Romanes, wherein according to the Authors former method sixe things are observed in every Chapter. I. The Text with the divers readings. 2. Argument and method. 3. The Questions discussed. 4. Doctrines noted. 5. Controversies handled. 6. Morall uses observed. Wherein are handled the greatest points of Christian Religion, concerning justification by faith, c. 3, 4. the fall of man, c. 5. the combat betweene the flesh and the spirit, c. 7. Election, c, 9. the vocation of the Jewes, c. 11, with many other Questions and Controversies summed in the end of the Table. Divided into two Bookes, the forst unto the 12. Chapter, containing matter of Doctrine, the second beloning to Exhortation, in the five last Chapters.


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2 volumes in 1 binding, (6) 746 (20) p. Contemporary Leather boards, rebound ribbed back, Folio (page 3-10 in fascimile, some pages are slightly worn)