Fruentimmerits Contrafay udi det Gamle Testament beprydet med XXV Kaabber-stycker adskillige andæctige Bønner, gudelige Sucke-Rim oc hiertefrydende Lof-Sange paa voris danske Maal udsat oc fremstilled af Mourids Brun.



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(8) 384 (8), 300 (12) p. Bordeaux-red velvet binding with silver fittings, gilt-edged and gauffered text block, 8°. Danish church book with silver fittings, 8 openwork figural corner fittings, 4 similar hinge plates, 2 oval medallions with openwork border, as well as 2 solid silver clasps of the end of the 18th century. 25 meditations on various women from the Bible, such as Ruth, Deborah, Thamar, Abigail, Susannah, Anna, and Samson’s mother, all with engravings.