Collection of 32 engravings after Troost’s original paintings and drawings of social and domestic life, made from 1725 until 1750, at the time present in the Amsterdam collections mentioned on the plates. All beautifully coloured by one contemporary hand in a most attractive way and heightened with gold at the suitable places. All engravings are first impressions that were published from 1754 to 1764, their quality valued much more than the later editions.


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(33) fol. Rebound half burgundy-colored leather with raised bands and marbled boards, large Folio 63,5 x 50,5 x 2 cm (Set of 32 engravings and the publisher’s accompanying list of plates, all tipped in on heavy paper measuring 63 x 49,5 cm. The measurements of the engravings vary, as issued. A rare collection of hand-colored engravings after paintings and drawings of the famous Dutch painter Cornelis Troost (1697-1750). Troost was a portrait and genre painter from Amsterdam, who painted in the eighteenth-century rococo style. The set consists of the publisher’s list of plates and 32 engravings, 1 self-portrait, and 31 genre scenes. All scenes are captioned at the bottom with a title and dedication/verse in both Dutch and French. This collection is famous for its genre scenes which depict daily-life scenes from the Dutch bourgeoisie in a domestic and intimate atmosphere. The scenes show the preference of rococo artists to paint entertaining scenes with a glimpse of naughtiness among which the very notorious scene of the ‘Ambassadeur der Laberlotten’ and ‘De Misleyden’ both show the event of a practical joke from 1739 showing a painted behind out of a window resembling a face which had to pass for a foreign ambassador. Most of the plates are engraved by J. Houbraken and P. Tanjé and by A. Delfos, R. Muys, R. Pelletier, J. Punt, and A. Radigues. An impressive collection of rare first impressions of this series of prints shows vividly the everyday life of the eighteenth-century middle class.