Clavis Bibliorum. The Key of the Bible, Unlocking the Richest Treasury of the Holy Scriptures. Whereby the 1 Order, 2 Names, 3 Times, 4 Penmen, 5 Occasion, 6 Scope, And 7 Principal Parts, Containing the Subject-matter of the Books of Old and New Testament, are familiarly and briefly Opened: For the Help of the weakest Capacity in the Understanding of the whole Bible. Wherein the Scripture-Songs dispersed here and there in Old and New Testament, are Metrically Translated out of the Hebrew, and Analytically Explained: Whereunto are added The Metrical Version of the WHole Book of Hymns or Praises, viz. The Book of Psalmes, Immediately out of the Hebrew, and the Analytical Exposition of every Psalm, together with a General PReface, Prefixed thereunto. The Fourth Edition, diligently Revised.


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(4) 631 p. Contemporary Leather, Folio (The pages of the preface are slightly discoloured.) Francis Roberts (1609-1675), a Calvinistic Puritan, was born in Yorkshire in 1609. He took his degrees in arts at Trinity College, Oxford in 1625. In 1632 he completed his degrees and was ordained. In 1649 he was presented to the rectory of Wrington in Somersetshire by his patron Arthur lord Capel, son of the beheaded lord Capel. Later, he became minister of St. Augustine, Watling-street.