Atlas Coelestis in qvo Mvndvs Spectabilis et in eodem Stellarvm Omnivm Phoenomena Notabilia, circa ipsarvm lvmen, figvram, faciem, motvm, eclipses, occvltationes, transitvs, magnitvdines distantias, allaqve secvndvm Nic. Copernici et ex parte Pychonis de Brahe Hipothesis. Nostri intuitu, specialiter, respectu vero ad apparentias planetarvm indagatv possibiles e planetis primariis, et e luna habito, generaliter. Eceleberrimorum astronomorum observationibus graphice descripta exhibentvr a Ioh. Gabrielle Doppelmaiero.


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(frontispiece) (1) (1) (2-30) maps. Rebound half Leather with raised bands, large Folio 53,8 x 34,8 x 2,7 cm. (The maps are occasionally soiled, verso of several maps restored at places, map 8 browned. Lacks the typographical titlepage and the index of the plates. With an extra double-page celestial map by Matthaus Seutter, ca.1730 bound right after the first map of the Atlas. The most important astronomical work by German mathematician, cartographer and astronomer Johann Gabriel Doppelmayr (1671-1750). Doppelmayr wrote on astronomy, geography, cartography, spherical trigonometry, sundials and mathematical instruments. In his celestial atlas, presented here, he collected 30 large astronomical and cosmographical plates most of which he had prepared over the years for the Homann publishing firm. The Atlas consists of an engraved hand-coloured frontispiece and 30 double-page partially hand-coloured engraved plates. They depict celestial charts with diagrams, tables and views of observatories and were intended as an introduction to the fundamentals of astronomy.)