Archetypi Homiliarvm in Apocalypsin S. Iohannis, Heinrichi Bvllingeri, Ministri Ecclesiae Tigurinae. Accessit ejusdem Sylvvla Homiliarvm Festalium et selectiorum aliarum, de praecipuis doctrinae Christianae cap. Ex Ejvs Avtographo in vnum corpus redacti, & Indice aucti, operâ ac studio Heinrichi Bvllingeri, Nep. Ecclesiae ejusdem Ministri. WITH: Archetypi Homiliarvm festarum Dn. Rodolhi Gvaltheri, Antistitis quondam Ecclesiae Tig. Adjecta est Sylvula Homiliarvm in Avgvralium, nunquam antehac editarum, ejusd. Auctoris. Omnia Ex autographis ipsius vulgata a Casp. VVasero, Tig.



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2 works in 1 binding, (engraved titlepage, 11) 186 (6), (engraved titlepage, 3), (4) 96, 142 (2) folia. Contemporary folding Vellum, 8° (Occasionally some browning. The titlepage and prelims of the second work are erroneously bound in front of the second part of the first work. Rare volume with two works containing outlines for sermons on the book of Revelations and special days and occasions. Heinrich Bullinger preached on the book of Revelation in Zurich from 1554 until 1556. He was the only major reformer of the second generation who devoted a full-length work to this book. Bullinger gives in Latin model sermons that could be adapted by preachers throughout the Reformed churches of Europe. The hundred sermons, which were first published in 1557, obviously filled an important gap in the market of Protestant apocalyptic thought, for these sermons were reprinted and translated into French, German and Dutch in less than two years.)