A Correct Globe with the new Discoveries. / A Correct Globe with y(e) New Constelations of Dr. Halley &c.


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(ca. 1775)


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Rare pocket globe with a diameter of 7 cm. held in the publisher’s shagreen case with two metal clasps. The globe consisting of 12 hand-coloured engraved gores and 2 polar caps, the top and bottom of the case each lined with 12 hand-coloured engraved half gores and a polar cap depicting the celestial hemisphere. The design after Moll’s 1710 pocket globe, updated with the latest discoveries such as California depicted correctly as a peninsula and Cook’s discoveries made visual in the adaptation of Australia and New Zealand. Also showing the tracks of Cook’s first voyage (incorrectly marked 1760 instead of 1770). Attractive contemporary colouring. The globe was formerly attributed to globe maker George Adams, London 1773, but its actual maker remains anonymous. (Slight wear on the globe, mostly around the pinholes.)