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(4) 201 (i.e. 200) (13) folia. Contemporary blind-stamped Vellum with raised bands, 4° (Text block slightly browned throughout, a few pages are slightly worn in the margins due to extensive use, bottom spine-end split at one side.) The best-known work of Italian physician and philologist Girolamo Mercuriale (1530-1606). First published in 1569 it was the [...]

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Martin, David / Mortier, Pieter
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1700 - Amsterdam, Pieter Mortier
Nr. 10834

2 delen, (titelprent, 16) 282 (8), (titelprent, 24) 163 (11) p. Origineel goud-bestempeld Leer met ribben, Folio (De banden zijn wat sleets aan de randen en hierdoor plaatselijk gerestaureerd, tekstpagina 185/186 van deel 1 en 141/142 van deel 2 ingescheurd, pagina 7/8 en 9/10 van deel 2 samen met de bijbehorende gravures verwisseld, plaatselijk wormgaatjes [...]

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Martin, David / Mortier, Pieter
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1700 - Amsterdam, Pieter Mortier
Nr. 11299

2 delen, (titelprent, 16) 282 (8), (24) 163 (11) p. Origineel goud-bestempeld Leer met ribben, Folio (De banden zijn wat sleets aan de randen en op de ruggen plaatselijk ingescheurd en gerestaureerd. Beide delen wat los in de band en voorzien van nieuwe schutbladen, boekblokken plaatselijk wat sleets en/of gevlekt in de marges en bij [...]

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Küster, Ludolf / Mill, John / N.T.
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1723 - Leipzig, Son of J.F. Gleditsch
Nr. 10966

(18, 168, 2) 632 p. Contemporary gold-stamped Vellum with raised bands, Folio (Wanting ties, several ownership-entries/bookplates in the front and no prize present. The New Testament in the Greek scholarly edition of John Mill (1645-1707) and Ludolf Küster (1670-1716). Text printed in columns first in Greek followed by Latin transcript, the main text is preceded [...]

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1659 - Charenton, Antoine Cellier
Nr. 9459

(frontispiece) n.p., (frontispiece) n.p. Contemporary gold-stamped Vellum with 5 raised bands, 2 clasps and gilt-edged text block, 8° (Wormholes in the front and back of the text block, because of this some of the text lacks. The French Geneva version of the New Testament followed by the Psalms -with musical notation- of Clement Marot en Theodorus [...]

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(frontispiece, 4, 40) 630 (1) p. Contemporary gold-stamped Vellum, 8° (The work is illustrated with a frontispiece and 11 engravings of which 10 folding. Bound in a richly decorated schoolprize binding of the city Haarlem, presented to Jano Henrico Weijers by the Haarlem Gymnasium in 1791. The front and back cover are gold-stamped with the [...]

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(12) 177 p., (3) 292, 74 folia., (4) 448 (16) p. Opnieuw gebonden Leer met ribben en stempels, Folio (Titelpagina iets gekreukt, verder een fraai exemplaar in een stevige ”van Gent” band met de kanttekeningen/vertalingen van Junius, Tremellius en Beza)

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Florus, L. Annius
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1744 - Leiden, Samuel Luchtmans
Nr. 10982

2 volumes in 1 binding, (frontispiece, 58, folding map) 858 (121), 39 p. Contemporary gold-stamped Vellum, 8° (The top spine-end has a few small tears, text block slightly browned throughout, no prize present. The work is bound in a richly decorated schoolprize binding of the city Dordrecht, featuring the Minerva Dordracena as a central ornament [...]

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1832 - Neuchatel, Petitpierre et Prince
Nr. 10227

636 p. Contemporary red Leather, richly decorated with gold and gilt-edged text block, 12° (Some slight foxing throughout. Charming copy of the Psalms in French. The Psalms are preceded by a few prayers and all verses are accompanied by music notation. The work is bound in an attractive gold- and blind-stamped red leather binding, bearing [...]

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Smalridge, George
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1724 - Oxford, Printed at the Theater
Nr. 10997

(dedication, portrait, 46) 616 p. Contemporary gold- and blind-stamped Leather with raised bands, Folio (Text block slightly browned throughout, the binding a bit worn near the edges and the hinges of the spine have been restored in the past, several ownership-entries/bookplates on the first endpapers. The front and back cover bear the library supralibros of [...]

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1700 - Köln, Sebastianus Ketteler
Nr. 10324

(4) 537 (1) 144 p. Contemporary Leather, richly decorated with gilt, gilt-edged and gauffred text block, 8° (The titlepage is reinforced at some places and has 2 small holes in it, margins of the final pages worn, browned throughout. Volume 3 (of 5) only.)

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