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(late 19th century) -
Nr. 10474

Burgundy-coloured half leather period album titled in gilt with ‘Souvenir de Voyage’. Contains 45 sepia-coloured (postcard) plates mounted on 44 of a total of 82 board pages depicting views collected on a voyage to Switzerland, London (UK), Bayreuth, Nürnberg, Münich, Schwangau (Germany), Paris (France) and various places in Scotland. Most of the plates are captioned [...]

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(frontispiece, 6, portrait) 717 (17) p. Contemporary gold-stamped Leather with 6 raised bands, Folio (Edges of the binding slightly rubbed and the bottom spine-end restored on one side, verso of the titlepage has been reinforced. The first French edition of the biography of Michiel Adriaansz. de Ruyter (1607-1676). The work is written by the Dutch [...]

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1761/1747 - Amsterdam, Dirk onder de Linden
Nr. 10803

(engraved titlepage) n.p., 324 p. Rebound Leather with 5 raised bands with richly decorated gilded silver fittings, gilt-edged and gauffered text block, 12° 14,5 x 8,5 x 3,5 cm. (French church book containing the New Testament, Psalms -with all verses set to music- and forms. Bound in a modern dark brown leather binding, richly deorated [...]

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Firm terrestrial globe with a diameter of 32 cm. held in a wooden stand with a brass half meridian. The total height measuring 60 cm. (The title cartouche is replaced by a printers device?, slightly grazed at some places, on the continent of Europe a few small drops of green paint.)

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N.T. / Olivétan, Pierre Robert
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(156X) - (Lyon, Jean Frellon)
Nr. 11271

888 (21) p. 17th century Vellum, 16° 12,3 x 8,5 x 4,5 cm. (Quires 3A and 3B are bound in each others place, waterstain throughout the text-block, lacks the titlepage. Wormholes in the inner-margin of ca. 100 pages and the bottom-corner of the final pages, slightly grazing the text at places. A rare and early [...]

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18XX - Paris, Gruel
Nr. 10749

394 p. Contemporary Velvet with silver fittings and clasps, gilt-edged and gauffered text block, 8° 14,5 x 10 x 2,7 cm. (The velvet fabric on one side of the spine is split. French catholic church book, illustrated with multiple attractive coloured lithographs and several prints between the text. Bound in a special velvet binding richly [...]

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(engraved titlepage) n.p., (engraved titlepage) n.p. Contemporary Tortoiseshell binding with 2 silver clasps and 4 silver hinges, gilt-edged and gauffred text block, 8° (Some small pieces chipped off the binding. Dutch church book in the French language containing the Geneva version of the New Testament, followed by the Psalms -with musical notation- of Clement Marot [...]

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(gegraveerde titelpagina) 443, z.p. Origineel Leer met ribben, rijkelijk bewerkt zilverbeslag, goud-op-snede en geciseleerd boekblok, 18° 15 x 8,5 x 4,5 cm. (De uiteinden van de rug zijn plaatselijk wat sleets, de binnenzijde van de klem van het bovenste slot is gegraveerd met de initialen R.G.B. en het onderste slot met het jaartal 1734. Nederlands [...]

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1649 - Amsterdam, Ian Marcus
Nr. 10644

(4) 740, z.p. Origineel Leer met ribben en sloten, goud-op-snede, 12° 16,5 x 10 x 6 cm. (Naamsvermelding op het tweede vrije schutblad voorin. Polyglot Bijbel met het Nieuwe Testament in het Frans en Nederlands, gedrukt in twee paralelle colommen. De Franse bijbeltekst in de Geneefse bijbelvertaling, de Nederlandse in de Statenvertaling. Het kerkboek bevat [...]

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(engraved titlepage, 2) 601 p. Contemporary Leather with 4 raised bands, 12° (Text block slightly browned throughout, spine decorated with gilt ornaments and title: ‘Testament in 3 talen’. Polyglot Bible, containing the New Testament in French, English and Dutch. Printed in three parallel columns are the French Geneva version, the English King James version and [...]

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Coutereels, Johan
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1631 - Vlissingen, Samuel Claeys Versterre
Nr. 11259

REPRINT, (10) 101 (4) p. Opnieuw gebonden blind-gestempeld Leer met ribben en zilveren sloten met sluitpen, 8° (Boekband voorzien van sierlijk zilverbeslag bestaande uit 4 klampen met sluitringen en een zilveren sluitpen. De klampen zijn versierd met een medaillon gevat in ornamentele motieven met daarin het wapen van de provicie Zeeland, de knop van de [...]

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(ca. 1860) - Paris, Belin-LePrieur and Morizot
Nr. 10965

(plate, frontispiece, 2) 668 p. Contemporary dark-blue Velvet and Pearl-shell Binding with silver fittings and clasp and gilt-edged text block, 12° 11,5 x 8 x 3 cm. (The velvet spine is a bit worn near the edges, some tiny bits of the silverwork on the front cover are missing, with a hand-written family index on [...]

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