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(20) 788 p. Contemporary folding Vellum, 4° (Several references to other works in an old handwriting on the first and final free endpapers. Comes with a nice old leaflet with an handwritten index of the work by name on alphabetical order.)

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1585 - Jena, Tobias Steinman
Nr. 10400

(35, (1 bl.) folia. Unbound, 8° (Slightly browned throughout, The spine has been reinforced with marbled paper. First edition of an Oration about early protestant movements by the calvinistic jurist Petrus Wesenbec, 1546-1603. In this oration, held at the University of Jena in 1585, he provides a short historical account of various christian movements of [...]

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2 works in 1 volume, (engraved titlepage, 18) 896 (1792 columns) (38), (2) 55 (110 columns) (2) p. Contemporary Vellum with 4 raised bands, Folio (Browned throughout, some small wormholes in the vellum of the spine. Commentaries on the Minor Prophets and the Book of Baruch by Gaspar Sanchez, ca. 1550-1632.)

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1649 - Leiden, Elsevier
Nr. 9467

(24) 429 (22) p. Contemporary folding Vellum, 12°

Marlorat, Augustin
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1610 - Geneva, Esaias le Preux
Nr. 11408

(8) 530 (26) p. Rebound half Leather with raised bands, Folio (Text-block very slightly browned. Provenance: From the library of Nicolaas Barkey (1709-1788) with his name written on the titlepage. Exegetical commentary on the book of Isaiah by French Reformer and martyr Augustine Marlorat (1506-1562). Marlorat ministered to a number of congregations and represented the [...]

2 volumes in 1 binding, (XII) 337 (11) p. Contemporary Paper Wrappers, large 4° (Slight to heavy foxing throughout. Lectures on diseases of the nerves by Herman Boerhaave (1668-1738). Collected in shorthand and edited by one of his students.)

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1634 - Francofurti, Jonae Rhodii
Nr. 3437

(20) 1336 (16) p. Origineel Leer met ribben, 4° (Rug iets slijtage. Abr. Scultetus 1566-1624, was predikant en professor in Heidelberg en afgevaardigde naar de Dordtse Synode 1618-1619. In dit werk analyseert hij de theologie en de werken van de meest bekende Kerkvaders. Abraham Scultetus was a Calvinist. He held to the doctrines of predestination [...]

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1618 - Leiden, Horatius Cardon
Nr. 9797

(engraved titlepage, 10) 602 (1204 columns) (33) p. Contemporary Leather with 5 raised bands, Folio (Renewed endpapers, the spine-ends are split, browned throughout. Commentaries on the Prophecies of Jeremiah by Gaspar Sanchez, ca. 1550-1632.)

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1615 - Leiden, Horatius Cardon
Nr. 9796

(engraved titlepage, 14) 769 (13) p. Contemporary Leather with 5 raised bands, Folio (Renewed endpapers, the top spine-end is split, browned throughout, some waterstains. Commentaries on the Prophecies of Isaiah by Gaspar Sanchez, ca. 1550-1632.)

Florus, L. Annius
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1744 - Leiden, Samuel Luchtmans
Nr. 10982

2 volumes in 1 binding, (frontispiece, 58, folding map) 858 (121), 39 p. Contemporary gold-stamped Vellum, 8° (The top spine-end has a few small tears, text block slightly browned throughout, no prize present. The work is bound in a richly decorated schoolprize binding of the city Dordrecht, featuring the Minerva Dordracena as a central ornament [...]

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