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Hyperius, Andreas
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1568 - Basel, Johannes Oporinus
Nr. 11403

(8) 768 (22) folia. Contemporary blind-stamped Vellum with raised bands and clasps on straps, 8° (Bottom outer corners slightly worn. The boards of the binding are decorated with a large central panel-stamp surrounded by other ornamental stamps and rolls, with on the front cover the year 1573 in a horizontal panel. Provenance: From the library [...]

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1704 - Amsterdam, Isaac Stokmans
Nr. 9378

(frontispiece, 24, folding portrait) 702, 96 p. Rebound half Leather with 5 raised bands, Folio (Extensive work concerning the Jewish history, culture and exegesis by Melchior Leydekker, 1642-1721.)

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1699 - Köln, Balthasar Egmond
Nr. 10766

(engraved titlepage) 476, CLXXXVI (4) p. Contemporary Leather with 4 raised bands, silver fittings, gilt-edged and gauffered text block, 12° 10,5 x 7 x 3,5 cm. (Some waterstains in the text block, mostly in the margins. The spine of the binding is slightly worn near the edges. Miniature book of hours in Latin bound in [...]

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Ames, William
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1630 - Amsterdam, Johannes Janssonius
Nr. 11379

4 volumes in 1 binding, (engraved titlepage, 11) 254, 266, 274, 218 p. Contemporary folding Vellum, 12° (Large waterstain in the first two volumes, due to this page 55-57 vol.1 and 192-193 vol.2 damaged. The first free endpapers are extensively annotated with references to other works in an old hand, several ownership-entries on recto and [...]

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(around 1520) - (Strassburg, Johann Prüss)
Nr. 10393

(7), (1 bl.) folia. Rebound blue wrappers, 4° (Rare satirical dialogue containing a spirited attack on Johann Eck, 1486-1543. The work is attributed to the German humanist and friend of Luther Nikolaus Gerbel, c.1485-1560.)

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1620 - Dordrecht, Isaac Jansz. Canin
Nr. 11418

(38) 352, 276, 323 (3) p. Contemporary Vellum with raised bands, Folio (Verso long side of the margin of the titlepage reinforced, the binding is made up from two editions. The Acta of the Synod of Dordrecht, held in 16/1619 it was one of the most important church councils in history of the reformed tradition. [...]

491 (4) p. Later half Leather with 4 raised bands, 8° (The top spine-end lacks a piece of leather. Rare Lyonese edition of this famous paraphrase of the Psalms by the Dutch Humanist Reinier Snoy ca. 1477-1537, also called Reynerus Snoygoudanus. This paraphrase which was based on the translations of Saint Jerome was finished in [...]

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(frontispiece, 4, 40) 630 (1) p. Contemporary gold-stamped Vellum, 8° (The work is illustrated with a frontispiece and 11 engravings of which 10 folding. Bound in a richly decorated schoolprize binding of the city Haarlem, presented to Jano Henrico Weijers by the Haarlem Gymnasium in 1791. The front and back cover are gold-stamped with the [...]

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5 volumes in 4 bindings, 698, (2) 1043, (2) 901 (1), (XVI) 749 (1) (L) 528 p. Contemporary gold-stamped Vellum, 8° (Wanting ties, the binding of volume three is partially stained. All volumes are decorated with gold tooling on both the boards and spines, the front and back cover are decorated with the coat of [...]

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1601 - Leiden, Horatius Cardon
Nr. 9745

(engraved titlepage, 6) 534 (102) p. Contemporary blind-stamped Leather with 5 raised bands, 4° (The spine is skillfully restored with preservation of a part of the original spine.)