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1529 - Basel, Froben
Nr. 11221

1205 (1) p. Contemporary blind-stamped Pigskin over wooden boards with raised bands and clasps on straps, Folio 38,5 x 26,5 x 11 cm. (Several wormholes throughout the binding and text-block, some affecting the text at places. Waterstains and slight browning throughout. The edges of the back cover are worn with some of the pigskin missing, [...]

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1581 - Geneva, Petrus Santandreanus
Nr. 10139

(24, folding table) 224, 298 (6), (40, 6) p. Contemporary folding Vellum with 4 raised bands, 4° (The text block is slightly browned throughout, the bottom corner of page 115-118 is teared off, therefore a few letters of the marginal comments are missing. Rare and important collection of confessions, edited by the Swiss Reformed theologian [...]

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Episcopius, Simon
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1650 - Amsterdam, Joan Blaeu
Nr. 11443

(32) 440 425 (34) p. Contemporary blind-stamped Vellum with raised bands, Folio (Some foxing in the margins of the text-block and several pages are browned. First volume (of two) only.)

Bèze, Théodore de
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1594 - (Geneva, Henri Estienne)
Nr. 11385

2 parts in 1 binding, 570, 648 p. Leather with raised bands, 8° (Rebound leather binding with preservation of the contemporary leather boards. Text-block slightly browned throughout, with a library stamp on the verso of the titlepage, some small wormholes in the bottom-margin and old annotations in the bottom-margin of several pages. Lacks the final [...]

Hyperius, Andreas
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1570 - Basel, Johannes Oporinus
Nr. 11404

(16) 998 (94) p. Contemporary folding Vellum, 8° (The right-margin of the titlepage has been reinforced, some underlinings with pen on various pages, lacks page K8 (blank) and the final page with printers-impressum. The first edition of Hyperius’ collected works, published posthumously and containing 14 treaties on various theological subjects. The Reformer Andreas Hyperius (1511-1564) [...]

(16) 858 (83) p. Contemporary blind-stamped Pigskin over wooden boards with raised bands, 8° (Corner-tips of the boards slightly grazed, wanting parts of the straps and clasps. Text-block slightly browned throughout with minor staining in the margins at places. Boards richly decorated with stamps depicting Luther on the front cover and Melanchthon on the back [...]

Hyperius, Andreas
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1568 - Basel, Johannes Oporinus
Nr. 11403

(8) 768 (22) folia. Contemporary blind-stamped Vellum with raised bands and clasps on straps, 8° (Bottom outer corners slightly worn. The boards of the binding are decorated with a large central panel-stamp surrounded by other ornamental stamps and rolls, with on the front cover the year 1573 in a horizontal panel. Provenance: From the library [...]

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1704 - Amsterdam, Isaac Stokmans
Nr. 9378

(frontispiece, 24, folding portrait) 702, 96 p. Rebound half Leather with 5 raised bands, Folio (Extensive work concerning the Jewish history, culture and exegesis by Melchior Leydekker, 1642-1721.)

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1699 - Köln, Balthasar Egmond
Nr. 10766

(engraved titlepage) 476, CLXXXVI (4) p. Contemporary Leather with 4 raised bands, silver fittings, gilt-edged and gauffered text block, 12° 10,5 x 7 x 3,5 cm. (Some waterstains in the text block, mostly in the margins. The spine of the binding is slightly worn near the edges. Miniature book of hours in Latin bound in [...]

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Ames, William
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1630 - Amsterdam, Johannes Janssonius
Nr. 11379

4 volumes in 1 binding, (engraved titlepage, 11) 254, 266, 274, 218 p. Contemporary folding Vellum, 12° (Large waterstain in the first two volumes, due to this page 55-57 vol.1 and 192-193 vol.2 damaged. The first free endpapers are extensively annotated with references to other works in an old hand, several ownership-entries on recto and [...]

Orsini, Fulvio / Patin, Charles
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(ca. 1663) - Paris
Nr. 11273

(253) folium. Contemporary gold-stamped Leather with raised bands and gilt-edged text-block, 8° oblong (Edges of the binding slightly rubbed, especially on the spine, lacks the titlepage. Several old additions in manuscript on verso of the plates and/or in the margins.)

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