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In-folio (32,3 x 22,6 cm), [2] ff, 8 double maps, 10 plates each with a page of explanations, [1] f (table of geographical & spherical figures contained in this Atlas). The maps show the world map, Europe, the Kingdom of France (2x), Asia, Africa, North America, and South America. The plates show the terrestrial globe, [...]


A beautiful pair of Library Globes. H. 125 cm. (49 inches), Diam. 53 cm. (21 inches) The two spheres are in a perfect state of freshness and are perfectly legible. There have been some professional repairs to some damaged gores. The Terrestrial globe is in good conserved and legible condition, it has areas of rubbing, [...]

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19th cent. - s.l., s.n.
Nr. 12578

The 4.25 inch. (10 cm.) spheres applied with twelve printed gores and polar calottes pivoted via the poles within brass half-meridian rings, each mounted on top of alabaster columns with molded capitals, notable entasis to the shafts and Tuscan-style bases, the plinths with gilt fluted black marble cavetto top moldings and roundel-centered skirts incorporating shaped [...]

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A rare pair of miniature terrestrial and celestial globes, each with 12 hand-coloured engraved paper gores, over a papier mâché and plaster sphere. Diameter globes: 7 cm. Total high: 14,5 cm. The globes have been cleaned and re-varnished, and the stands are later.

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Fine double pocket globe. [The Earth as it is now known]. A very desirable terrestrial and celestial “Mother and Child”, or double globe; the terrestrial globe with 12 beautiful original hand-coloured engraved paper gores over a plaster sphere. All are nicely housed within the celestial globe made of two wooden hemispheres, each covered with 12 [...]

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Miniature terrestrial globe with a diameter of 1,75 inches / 4,5 cm. This lovely miniature terrestrial globe consists of twelve copper engraved, hand coloured gores over a wooden base. The gores are varnished. The colouring is both subtle and original. With a central pin contained in a colourful card box. A little about miniature globes: [...]

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Miniature terrestrial globe with a diameter of 2 inches / 5 cm. In a turned and stained beech two-section case, 10 cm. high. (With small damages to Africa, Asia, and Australia).

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Large World map by Samuel Dunn, 140 x 120 cm. “London, Printed for Rob.t Sayer, Map & Printseller, No. 53 in Fleet Street, as the Act directs, 20th November 1772.” “S. Dunn Teacher of the Mathematics LONDON. Boards Young Gentlemen, & Teacheth Pennmannship, Merch.ts, Acc.ts, Navigation, Fortification, Astronomy &c. CHELSEA”. Pasted text on top left [...]

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Attractive Worldmap, published in the first atlas by Johann Baptist Homann (1664-1724). It shows an early double hemisphere, which swirls with activity. The world is shown in two hemispheres with a double hemisphere representation of the celestial world as construed in Classical astronomy above and below. Outside of these circles are many unusual things. At [...]

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Balen, Matthys
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1677 - Dordrecht, Symon Onder de Linde
Nr. 12528

2 delen, (titelprent, 1, portret,16) 688, 689-1358 (22) p. p. Origineel Leer met ribben, goud-bestempeld, 4° Beschrijving van de stad Dordrecht door Matthys Balen 1611-1691, het werk bevat een toegankelijke beschrijving van de vroege geschiedenis van deze belangrijke Nederlandse stad. Rijkelijk geïllustreerd met een titelprent, een portret van Balen, beide gegraveerd door Romeyn de Hooghe, [...]

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Harris, Joseph
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1745 - London, Thomas Wright
Nr. 12536

(VIII) 190 p. Contemporary gold-stamped Leather, large 8°. With 7 folding plates, complete. Made for Thomas Wright, mathematical instrument-maker and E. Cushee, globe-maker at the Globe and Sun, between St. Dunstan’s Church and Chancery-Lane, both in Fleet-Street. Joseph Harris (1703-1764), was a blacksmith, astronomer, navigator, economist, natural philosopher and government adviser and King’s assay Master [...]

Chambon, G.D. / Wallmap
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1754 - Paris, Longchamps et Janvier
Nr. 12551

Wall map of the world in two hemispheres printed on two sheets, depicting the Eastern and Western hemispheres supported by two male figures, decorated at the bottom right and left with two celestial hemispheres (boreal and southern) and at the bottom in the middle with an armillary sphere, in addition. Size 115 x 145 cm. [...]