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A beautiful pair of Library Globes. H. 125 cm. (49 inches), Diam. 53 cm. (21 inches) The two spheres are in a perfect state of freshness and are perfectly legible. There have been some professional repairs to some damaged gores. The Terrestrial globe is in good conserved and legible condition, it has areas of rubbing, [...]

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Cary, J. & W. / GLOBE
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1799 - London, J. and W. Cary
Nr. 12421

An exceptional fine Celestial 21″ (53 cm.) Library Globe. Presented atop a walnut tripod stand with brass casters, with a glass-topped compass, mounted between three cross stretchers. Measuring 52″ x 28″ (132 x 71 cm.) in total. By John and William Cary (1754-1835 and 1759-1825) of London. Engraved and hand-colored. The papier-mache copperplate gores have [...]

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Beautiful and rare terrestrial small table globe made up of 12 hand-coloured engraved gores laid over a plaster sphere, with axis pins and brass meridian circle. Diameter 15 cm (6 inches), height 27 cm, in a tripod mahogany stand. Contemporary hand-coloured, the countries in different colours and the seas in a green shade, it has [...]

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18XX - Germany, n.n.
Nr. 12332

Attractive terrestrial table globe. Ref. ‘Neu-Holland’ for Australia. Earth globe as metal sphere covered with 12 colored copper engraved segments, inscribed ‘M P.S’ (Johann Peter Salziger?), full circle meridian ring with hour indicator and horizon ring indicating zodiac signs made of brass. New wooden stand, diameter 17 cm., overall height 22 cm.

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A magnificent and very rare, early 18th century, 46 cm. (18 inch.) celestial table globe produced by Gerard and Leonard Valk. First state. Made up of a set of beautiful original hand coloured, copper engraved gores. With a wooden horizon ring; a highly unusual two pointer brass hour ring (a small, thin metal circle on [...]

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z.j. - z.p., Kaspar Kuckelkorn
Nr. 12306

Koperen globe, afgezet met diamenten, in een koperen hand, op een voetstuk. De totale hoogte is 28 cm. Op het voetstuk staat “Spec. Think Twice”. De wereldbol is afgezet met 25 diamanten in verschillende maten met een totale waarde van 0,7 karaat. Het gewicht van een diamant wordt uitgedrukt in karaten. Karaat vertelt meer over [...]